Badass women don’t grind.

They ✨ GLOW ✨


Get the coaching, content and cheerleading you need to discover your dream career and make it a badass reality.

Right on cue. Introducing...

✨ C A R E E R   G L O W   U P ✨

Call it the career happiness accelerator. We’ll get on the express lane to your dream career — then we’ll step on the gas.

Career Glow Up is my foolproof roadmap that helps ambitious professional womxn to make a strategic career move (without the overwhelm) so that they can do work that feels aligned, fills their cup, and allows them to reach their full potential every single day. 

Finally, you can stop doubting and start deciding. Stop dreaming and start doing. Stop comparing and start creating. Stop hearing no and start hearing HELL YES! 

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A part of you knows you’re not in the optimal career for you — and now it’s getting louder, noisier, and harder to ignore. 


Truth bomb: that’s your untapped potential talking. It wants you to succeed, level up and take action. It’s not going to take anymore BS from you, or anyone else. 


Are you suffering any of these symptoms?


🤒 I’m feeling unaligned and unfulfilled in my job
You know this isn’t the exact life you were made for, but you’re scared to make a change for fear of falling behind or starting again.

🤒 I’m stagnant and spark-less
Your passion and drive is in there somewhere, but where? You spend a lot of your time just going through the motions, wondering, “is this it?”.  

🤒 I’m over the overwhelm 
You're confused AF about ALL the possible career choices. You stress out on the regular about making the “right” decision. 

🤒 I’m desperate for a BIG career change 
You get a weekly bout of Sunday night blues and fantasise about being that person that looks forward to Mondays. (if they even exist?!)

🤒 I can’t seem to make it happen on my own
You’re frustrated because you know, deep down, you’re here to do more — but you just don’t know how to unlock your full potential. 

If so, you might just need a career glow up.
Lucky I’ve got just the thing.

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Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe she scored her dream career.

You want a career that:

Is overflowing with learning and growth, and constantly pushes the boundaries on your potential

Makes you feel happy, fulfilled, and like you’re stepping into the best version of yourself

Actually means something to you because you can see how you’re impacting people and making a bigger contribution

Recognizes you for all that you are, and pays you accordingly (without expecting you to live at the office)

Has you feeling so energized and happy, it’s got you singing  ‘work work work work work work’ in the shower 🎶<

That job that has you shining bright like a diamond DOES exist 💎

In fact, it’s out there waiting for you. 

But actually getting there...? 🤔🤔

That’s where you’re stuck.

You already know that the 'I hate my job' club isn't one you want to be part of. 

You’ve worked too damn hard for that.

You don't want to be just another person who has TGIF tattooed on their forehead, lives for the weekend, and settles for wasting 80% of their week in a job they find meaningless and unrewarding. 

You want more. 

Which means it’s time to stop focusing on the wrong things. 

No more enneagram tests. No more online quizzes. No more patching it together based on old school, outdated advice, as you stay in a career that doesn’t light you up while you apply for jobs you’re not even sure you want.

You deserve a strategic and intentionally designed career that actually feels like YOU.

What if you *KNEW* you could execute your next career move with total confidence?

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It's time for your Career Glow Up


Cut the confusion. Get super clear on your dream job, then rely on the support of experts, career coaches and badass women to help get you there. Yes pls.


How good does this sound:
The kind of confidence that helps you SHINE and a career mindset that levels up every aspect of your life. 



Did someone order a success cocktail? I’m serving up my proven, foolproof strategy on a silver platter, saving you time, stress, effort and heartache.



Skills fo lyf, srsly. Yep, you’ll be equipped  with the skills, tools and knowledge you need to make badass moves for the rest of your career.


Buckle up: Career Glow Up will accelerate your career, skyrocket your confidence and remind you that you. freaking. got. this.

Delivered over 3 streamlined phases to help you nail every step of your career change: 

Zoom in on your passion and purpose, then design a career that satisfies both. The first step to your dream future.

Next, we’ll package up your awesome and position you as the high value hire that you are — with *proof*.

Almost there! Arm yourself with insider job tips and industry hacks for landing roles at dream companies. 

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You’ll be given wraparound support from me, expert coaches, and a community of like-minded badasses going through the exact same process.  

Big Goals. 
Big Opportunities.
And one hell of a life transformation.

Career Glow Up is perfect for you if...

You aren't happy in your current job (and definitely don’t want your boss's job) but you don't know how to figure out what you actually want

You feel like you're constantly flip-flopping between options with no clear answer or commitment either way 

You feel frustrated, like you're wasting your time stuck in a role you don't actually want anymore, but trapped because you’ve invested so much time into this career path and don't know how to package your transferable skills

You feel restless with all the energy, potential and passion that you know you're not utilizing in your current role or company

Your confidence has taken a hit because you didn’t hear back after applying for the few roles that did catch your eye, leaving you doubting yourself about making a move at all 

You are ambitious, have big goals and high standards, but fear failure or making the 'wrong' decision

You feel overwhelmed about where to start, what to focus on and how to actually get closer to having a career that lights you up, fulfils you and pays you what you know you're worth

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If you want to unlock the career of your dreams, we’ve got the keys — think expert tips, industry hacks, ongoing support and tools you’ll keep in your back pocket forever.

Here's some recent wins from Career Glow Up alumni...

"It's the best decision I've ever made for my career and I guarantee it would be the same for you!"

- Becca, Columbia

Becca was feeling completely burnt out, lost and directionless. She quit her extremely high-pressure job without a back-up plan and was on a conscious break to reset and recalibrate.

✨ After her Career Glow Up... ✨

Becca got crystal clear clarity, and realised she wanted to move into employee wellbeing and start a side hustle as a life coach.

She landed a remote role with a NYC-based start up in her dream field of People & Culture, with flexible hours so she can build her coaching business on the side. She also negotiated an impressive salary and benefits package beyond her expectations.

Pear was in an LA-based Fashion Stylist role that she could do with her eyes shut. It was a good role on paper, but she was constantly daydreaming about a more creative and challenging career and life, filled with culture and travel.

✨ After her Career Glow Up... ✨

She got accepted into ESCP (one of the top business schools in Europe!) to do her Masters in Marketing & Creativity, and got to fulfil a lifelong dream to move abroad to Europe to study in London & Paris and kick-start her corporate career in Luxury Brand Management!

"I knew the outcome of the Career Glow Up would be amazing, but I had no idea how life-changing it would be!"

- Pear, LA ➡️ Paris & London

"If I hadn't done the course, I wouldn't have negotiated the pay bump that paid for this course 10x over"

- Rose, New Zealand

Rose was feeling stagnant, and thought her strengths weren't valuable or marketable enough yet. to reach that next level up. She felt like she needed to put on an act every day to pretend that she enjoyed her 'good on paper' role.

✨ After her Career Glow Up... ✨

Rose landed her dream stretch role in change management, working for an organisation she cared about and with a +25% pay rise! Plus, now she's got the tools and knowledge to make it happen again and again. 

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Here's the thing...

You could probably try and patch this thing together and work it out for yourself. You’re a high achiever - you’re resourceful, and figuring it things yourself has served you pretty damn well so far!

But honestly? It’s a waste of your precious time and energy, and will leave you feeling overwhelmed and suffering from analysis paralysis as you spend precious energy trying to become an expert in HR and career coaching on top of your busy day job. 

Let’s be real. If it were easy, everyone would be doing work they loved.

It’s time to get strategic, and work with experts who do this day in, day out, with people from different professions, industries and countries, boosting your dreams forward using a proven framework in the shortest time possible. 

If you’re going to transform your career, then learn to do it right.

Basically, you've got two options

Stay stuck, wait another few years or try to piece it all together yourself, crossing your fingers that “it’ll work itself out” (maybe somehow, with some magical pixie dust)

Get out of your own damn way and refuse to be held back from reaching your FULLEST potential and making your dream career a reality any longer

Watch the no-strings-attached enrolment training

Oh, waiting for a sign?   THIS IS IT.  

Commit to going all in on your career, and I'll help you out with the rest.

Career Glow Up is a career fulfilment accelerator that will take you from UNSURE to UNSTOPPABLE in just 12 weeks. 

Let's take a peek inside...


Transformational course built upon our wildly successful BADASS framework

Lifetime access to the Career Glow Up course portal and signature methodology, featuring over 40+ video trainings alongside time-saving workbooks, guides, and cheat-sheets to take your career next-level over and over again.

PLUS an unparalleled support system to make the experience fail-proof... 

8 Group Coaching Calls with Rosie

90 minute sessions, twice per month, covering everything from confidence and mindset to general Q&As, over 4 months

8 Momentum Group Calls

60 minute sessions twice per month with an expert mindset and confidence coach to keep you moving between coaching sessions, over 4 months

Individual reviews of your personal branding documents

Personalised, in-depth reviews and edits of your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile + access to the infamous Badass Your Resume vault

Community feat. Unlimited daily support

4 months access to a community and buddy system for the ultimate accountability and support, with all posts guaranteed a response from a Badass HQ coach

Lifetime alumni membership

Unlock access to the private Career Glow Up alumni network, made up of ambitious female professionals worldwide

Skills for LIFE

So you can future proof your career, pivot powerfully, and wake up happy on Mondays



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"I have just been SO UNBELIEVABLY HAPPY with my life after working with you. I was at literal rock bottom this time last year and now I literally can't believe how much has changed in my mindset and my life now. I really attribute it all to working with you. 

If I think about it for too long it literally makes me cry out of happiness, I just can't believe how different I feel in my life right now, the best kind of different.

I gained so much more than I thought I would. I gained contract work to facilitate online financial education workshops for women, I became the treasurer of the board for one of my favourite women's non-for-profit organisations and I also recently became a volunteer for an Australian start-up that aims to modernise the way sexual education is taught in schools across the country. Literally mind-blowing to me still that I'm now doing all of these things."

- Christina, Australia


So, are you ready to commit to more 
career happiness and fulfillment?



Payment Plans Available


  • Transformational coaching programme
  • 8x bi-weekly group coaching sessions with Rosie
  • 8x bi-weekly group coaching calls with an expert Mindset coach
  • A personalised resume, cover letter & LinkedIn review + edits
  • Lifetime access to an online course library of trainings, tools and materials to secure strategic career moves time and time again 
  • Lifetime access to a private alumni network
  • An epic suite of bonuses - salary negotiation workshops & more!
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"Honestly my dream career coach (meets therapist meets cheerleader)!

Still amazed every single day at how amazing the community aspect of this course is! The lessons are easy to follow, relevant, and encouraging.

The self-awareness has been HUGE! I'm finding even more weaknesses to work on closing the gap on. Also huge is that I'm letting personality and fun back into my career thinking -- less rigid, stuffy, and what's considered "business" traditionally. Yay!


In Career Glow Up, we work through my BADASS™ framework to take you from feeling stuck and overwhelmed to feeling excited, motivated and ready to hit 'accelerate' in your career. 

I've developed this framework throughout my 10+ years’ experience working as a Recruiter and HR professional for world-leading multinationals, tech start-ups and Fortune 500 companies internationally.

It's the exact process I've used to privately coach 80+ high-potential women from 20+ different countries through the Career Glow Up specifically this year alone, boosting their careers to the next level. 

In fact, I used this framework to design my own purpose-driven career - one that felt meaningful to me, had me travelling the world and making a massive impact - all while feeling 100% aligned with who I was as a person.

Now I help ambitious, goal-getting, high achievers like you do the same.

"This is just what I needed. Just when I needed it. 

For the 382928484th repetition, and never enough: thank you. I just can't say it enough. I am forever changed and grateful in the LEAST cheesy or exaggerated way. 

I’m developing MAJOR confidence and assurance. I feel very proud that I was able to step away from pre-conceived thoughts. 

Knowing exactly who I am - that is the win. That is what I control. And I have no worries about that, truly and confidently, for the first time in such a long time. That feels amazing."

- Gillian, USA


"I really feel like what I am doing now is changing the course of my life, I needed to feel empowered again. 

I am feeling way more empowered to explore the world out there and reach out to the cool people doing jobs I consider interesting. Having the realisation, that many of my skills do not have a tag of 'hospitality' but are very much transferable.

I am definitely super-duper happy that I am participating in the Career Glow Up!

This was one of the best things I did in 2020, which makes this year feel way better and productive."

- Ela, UK

Just a taste of our Career Glow Up Client WINS

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"Investing in yourself through this course is one of the most important long-term decision you can make. 

Iʼm so excited for whatʼs to come in my career and so grateful to have Rosie as my coach, her support and expertise are invaluable and I canʼt wait to continue to be guided by her!

I saw a huge return on investment when I was contacted by three different companies for interviews (one of the jobs I hadn't even applied for), and landed a job with my first choice company!

I truly believe that whether youʼre just starting out or a senior exec, happily employed or dissatisfied and looking for a change, Rosie can absolutely meet you where you are and challenge you towards growth."

- Jackie, Californian in France


Are you ready to be my next success story?

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