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  The key differences between your cover letter and resume - what to do differently on each document, and why

 The 3 keys to writing a powerful, interview-generating cover letter

 How to use marketing psychology to convincing employers to give you the interview over 100s of other candidates

Insider secrets from a global Human Resources leader who has read 1000s of cover letters and knows what the best do differently


Oh hey, I’m Rosie 👋

I’m an experienced corporate Recruiter (13+ years experience spanning tech start-ups to Fortune 500s, across 7 different industries), with a Masters in International Human Resources and 4 years as a Career Coach working directly with thousands of clients globally.

I'm not exaggerating when I say that I have read thousands of cover letters in my life and I know exactly what the top 1% of candidates who are landing interviews do differently…

…and I also know that most people are doing cover letters the wrong way. 

It’s time to master the art of the cover letter, so you can land more lucrative job offers - even if you don’t have a fancy degree, the “right” experience, or any special connections.

It PAYS to know how to write the perfect cover letter.
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