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5 Keys to Badass Your Resume

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If you’re looking to make sure your resume is sitting at the top of the pile, isn’t it time you did something about it? Something like… a FREE masterclass?
You’ll learn:

 🌟 The top four (super common!) resume mistakes that stop you from landing the interview.

🌟 How to maximise your experience — no matter what it is or how much you have.

🌟 My secret tricks for positioning yourself to attract an avalanche of job offers.

🌟 How to choose the most relevant experience, skills and attributes to grab attention.

🌟 How to nail the format so it's badass, modern, and ATS optimised.


…not to mention the many more at kick-ass start ups, non-profits, social enterprises, governmental agencies, top-tier firms & more!

This one’s for you if:

🔥 You want a resume that shines like a strobe light in the pile of applications

🔥 You’ve over auto-reject emails for jobs you KNOW you’d kill!

🔥 You have a lot of awesome to package up, if only you knew how

🔥 You want to pivot into a new company, profession, industry

🔥 You want to leverage your goods to impress VIR (Very Important Recruiters)

🔥 You don't want just any old job. You want THE job. And you deserve it, too

And we do NOT hold back on the value bombs 💣
About your instructor…

Hey! I'm Rosie 👋 I’m a Career Fulfilment Coach who works with high-potential, ambitious professionals to figure out what they *ACTUALLY* want, and then position themselves to go out and get it.

With over a decade in Corporate Recruitment & HR roles for some of the worlds most successful Fortune 500 companies and tech start-ups, I've had the joy of catapulting THOUSANDS of people (just like you friend) to new heights in their careers.

Today though, I’m all about channeling that experience to give you the kind of unfiltered, no-BS career advice that allows YOU to build a stand-out resume that lands multiple job offers! Let's go 🚀 

Ready to land more interviews than ever before?
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