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I’ve been on the other side of the hiring table in some of the world’s most successful companies, from Fortune 500s to tech start ups, and I know exactly what employers are looking for in a perfect candidate
— AND what separates the star candidates from the rest.

My secret sauce lies in helping people just like you to make a career shift and land their dream job.

With 13+ years in Recruitment and HR, I’ve helped thousands of people nail their personal branding, crush their career aspirations, and package up their awesome to score life-changing interviews (and jobs!) - even if you don’t have a fancy degree, the “right” experience”, or special connections.

Think of me as your own personal career coach, and the secret weapon to making your next career-defining move.

Today, I’m all about channelling my global experience working with 1200+ clients in 40+ different countries to give you the kind of unfiltered, no-BS career advice that allows YOU to build your very own badass career.


…not to mention the kick-ass start ups, non-profits, social enterprises, governmental agencies, top-tier firms & more!

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