A snapshot of kind words from DOPE CLIENTS that got awesome results 

(in a nutshell: more meaning, more confidence, more job opportunities, and more money!)

"Rosie is a fantastic resource for those in the job seeking market. She has excellent skills for writing resumes, cover letters and providing encouragement. With a very approachable and supportive attitude, she has been a great asset during my job search."

Project Manager

"When I reached out to Rosie, I had spent over 10 years reading articles about how to figure out what you want to do in life, taking online career tests, switching jobs and sectors, only to get closer to understanding what I didn't want. I even avoided social gatherings because the inevitable question "what do you do?" made me feel like such a failure. Rosie grabbed my hand and guided me through a finely-tailored process in which I would allow myself to tap into my own desires, dreams, hopes and convictions, and to figure out what it is that I care about and what I enjoy doing. I'm ecstatic and so grateful for finally having figured out what I want to do. I've even set new goals and am enjoying every minute of working towards achieving them. I feel like a child in front of a Christmas tree, trying to figure out which present is mine. I honestly can't recommend working with Rosie enough."

Project Manager

"I worked with Rosie as my career coach and it was an absolute joy. Rosie helped me shape my profile as well as discover and promote professional skills I didn't even know I had. Thanks to Rosie I have now clarity about what I want from a job and how I can go for it. With her help I applied for some very interesting positions that I wouldn't have thought possible before. She designed an incredible CV for me and showed me how to write a tailored, engaging cover letter. With an application design by Rosie you will stand out in the best possible way. Her advice and help was exactly what I needed and went far beyond what I expected. Whether you are looking for a new job or trying to change careers, I highly recommend getting in touch with Rosie."

Not For Profit Logistics Manager

"When I first reached out to Rosie I was unhappy in my role and didn't feel like I could get a new job or take on a challenge because I felt like an imposter. Together we worked on finding the ideal job of what I love to do, not just what I'm good at and what I deserved to have in a career. Now I am in a dream job, for the salary I wanted, with the terms I wanted and I no longer feel like an imposter. I feel pretty badass with my skill set and I cannot wait to see where this takes me. Thank you Rosie for being the badass coach you are."

Project Manager

"I have only great things to say about Rosie. Her knowledge and experience were clear from the beginning, making it easy for me to trust her. She always came to our sessions well-prepared, and she was able to offer me invaluable advice on how to improve my CV and cover letter. Rosie helped me to identify my skills and strengths but also pushed me out of my comfort zone. Along with this, she provided me with practical tools in preparation for my video interview. Therefore, I would highly recommend Rosie to anyone who is struggling with job applications, interview preparation or looking for career clarity. If I ever find myself in need of career coaching again, I will definitely return to Rosie."

Post-Graduate Student

"At a time when I was questioning my next step in the professional workforce, Rosie gave me the tools and confidence to energetically move forward. She brought life and structure to my LinkedIn, making me eager to start applying for jobs. Additionally, her caring personality and personal investment in my journey made me feel comfortable with being honest about my career goals. It would have been an incredible disservice to myself had I not sought out help. Rosie is truly gifted as a career coach!"

Human Resources

"Rosie is one cool chick who knows her stuff! She’s an HR guru and it’s her thing to help millennials get where they want to be, whether that’s applying for the dream job, or starting their side hustle! Rosie is full of energy and super passionate about helping others. After meeting with Rosie, I left feeling full of confidence and excited about my career path. Rosie helped me get going by providing valuable tools, encouraging me to think outside the box, and to trust my intuition! Thanks for being a superstar Rosie!"

HR Advisor & Side-Hustler

"I contacted Rosie in a very frustrating moment. I had been feeling lost and stagnant for months. Now, three coaching sessions in, and I feel like a whole new person. I've got my motivation and energy back. I've come up with a better idea for my start-up. I've decided to get back into YouTube with a clear plan and a much better understanding of the platform. And I'm freelancing using my language skills! And the best of all is that I know myself so much better now. Rosie is so interesting to talk to, she's got all the relevant knowledge to help you figure things out and make it on YouTube, and she's extremely well-organized and reliable. She's been a true blessing in my life!"


"I reached out to Rosie as I was searching to tweak my career direction. Career coaching was something I genuinely had not considered I needed until I checked Rosie's offering - here was someone who got millennials and what we crave in and outside the work environment, which was super refreshing to be honest. I got on a call with Rosie and she was quickly able to tell me what I was doing right, what could be improved and her insights into how to go about this. I don’t even know how she understood so well, but I felt like I was speaking to someone who I had known a lot longer than 20 minutes at that point!! Her follow-ups were thoughtful, action-orientated and balanced. I genuinely knew she had my best interests at heart though-out the process. It's clear Rosie is very passionate about people and helping them find the right career fit and thanks to her I've re-edited my career and plan to go onwards and upwards!"

Brand Sustainability Consultant

"I spent the last 8 years driving my career in a direction that I was passionate about, but that wasn’t giving me the creative outlet that I was looking for on a regular basis. I knew that I wanted to get a side project started to fulfil that need, however, I was lost about where to start, what to focus on and how to manage both a full-time job and a full-time side-hustle. Rosie was the absolute side-hustle champion that I needed. She helped me hone in on the topics that I wanted to explore, the platforms that would help me reach my goal, the tips and tricks to succeed, the right podcasts to listen to, how to organise my time and so much more. The support seemed literally endless. She’s the perfect mix of a strategic, business-focused, goal-oriented career coach, and the motivational cheerleader that everyone should have in their life. Thanks to Rosie, I’m now able to balance a successful daytime career with a side hustle job that gives me the genuine creative outlet I was searching for."

E-Commerce Manager

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