Don't get by, get excited


4 Steps to get unstuck, find your thing &
land your next career-defining move


There are just FOUR STEPS standing between you and total career bliss. That’s less than a TikTok dance.

You want to unlock career happiness but you can’t seem to find the keys. That’s ‘cos they’re ALL in this playbook. 🔐.

Snag the how-to that’s helped HUNDREDS find their purpose and build a fulfilling career that they freaking love.

Come on. You 👏 were 👏 made 👏 for 👏 this.

Using this express-to-success guide you will...

🌟 Level up your confidence and break through the limiting beliefs, thought patterns and behaviours that are keeping you stuck

🌟 Learn how to create a laser-focused career vision that will give you unshakeable clarity on your next move

🌟 Package up your awesome into a killer personal branding suite (I'm talkin' Resume, Cover Letter & LinkedIn)

🌟 Discover the tools and knowledge you need to land internal referrals, interviews and job offers at dreamy companies

I'm Ready!

I’ve catapulted 1000s of professionals into purpose-led careers. Are you next?

Hey, I'm Rosie ðŸ‘‹

I’m a Masters-qualified, psychology-fuelled, Career Fulfilment Coach that works with ambitious professionals just like you all around the world (seriously — there’s been 500+ of them in 32 different countries, and counting).

Before founding Badass Careers, I built my own badass career, and know first-hand how much a fulfilling career can change your life. From humble beginnings to a 10+ year career in Human Resources spanning multinationals, tech startups, and Fortune 500 companies around the globe, I know that life feels damn good when you love what you do.

Now, I'm here to help you to find your purpose, package up your awesome and design a meaningful career that has you jumpin’ outta bed without hitting snooze (yep, even on Mondays).

Our clients have used this metholodgy to land jobs & interviews at...

Plus spots in competitive international Masters Programmes...


Are you my next success story?