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Has someone been surviving
(not thriving) in their career?



Who, me?!

👀   Found yourself feeling unaligned and unfulfilled in a position where you’re no longer growing, levelling up, or learning?

👀   Have your values, desires, and priorities evolved… but your career hasn’t quite caught up?

👀   Do you know you have something amazing to offer — if only you could figure out what it is?

👀   Never been more ready to get unstuck, find your direction and push play on your DREAM CAREER?

🚀 Then you better put on your dancing shoes, ‘cos it’s time to get jiggy.

My FREE masterclass will walk you through exactly what you need to design your dream career (and make it happen!) in just over an hour.

That’s like, a fraction of your nightly Netflix binge.

I’ve built a crazy fun, fulfilling, successful career on purpose and I’ve helped THOUSANDS of people do the same.

And now? I want to do the same for you.

Why? Because you’re badass you just might not know how badass you truly are.

What to expect? I’m here to share:

🔥 The one thing holding you back from achieving your true career potential

🔥 How to get clear on what you truly want & design your career on purpose for more fulfillment

🔥 How to generate multiple job offers as a career changer, without going back to study or taking a pay cut

🔥 Salary negotiation techniques that private clients have used to double their salary, even when changing professions or industries


…not to mention the many more at kick-ass start ups, non-profits, social enterprises, governmental agencies, top-tier firms & more!

Kinda sorta maybe hate Mondays?
This training is for Y-O-U.

I'll be sharing the exact same framework that has my private
coaching clients doing a happy dance.

Yes, even on Mondays!

Trust me, even our free advice gets bangin’ results
Still undecided? If you’re craving something a
little MORE than a ‘good on paper’ job that pays
the bills, this is the Masterclass for YOU.
You’ll learn:

🌟 How to shift your mindset and smash the gross limiting beliefs holding you back. 

🌟 The importance of having a career purpose (spoiler alert: it’s the secret to that sweet, sweet feeling of fulfilment) & how to find YOURS.

🌟 The fundamentals of building a strong personal brand. Aka, the secret sauce that sets you apart from everyone else.

🌟 Tips to take INSPIRED ACTION,  level up your job search, and make your career dreams become reality.

About your instructor…

Hey! I'm Rosie 👋 I’m a Career Fulfilment Coach who works with high-potential, ambitious professionals to figure out what they *ACTUALLY* want, and then position themselves to go out and get it.

With over a decade in Corporate Recruitment & HR roles for some of the worlds most successful Fortune 500 companies and tech start-ups, I've had the joy of catapulting THOUSANDS of people (just like you sweetie) to new heights in their careers.

Today though, I’m all about channelling that experience to give you the kind of unfiltered, no-BS career advice that allows YOU to build your very own badass career.

Don't bounce out of bed on work days?
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