STAND OUT ON LINKEDIN - How to optimise your LinkedIn profile

May 27, 2022
LinkedIn profile tips

With over 810 million users (yes, MILLION), it can be pretty easy to get lost amongst the crowd of LinkedIn profiles. So, how do you STAND OUT on LinkedIn?

I’m so glad you asked πŸ€ͺ

As a career coach with 10+ years in HR and recruitment, spanning global fortune 500s and tech startups, LinkedIn is one of my favourite social platforms when it comes to levelling up your career. I know how to make a good LinkedIn profile that has recruiters fighting to get in touch with you 🀺

As your career bestie, I thought I’d give you my LinkedIn profile tips, no strings attached because I WANT you to succeed. I’m going to walk you through how to enter that networking room and really elevate your presence on LinkedIn to go NEXT LEVEL, like the badass you are.

But why’s it so important? Well, LinkedIn is home to 65 million decision makers - the people who can literally hire you on the spot! Following my Linkedin tips and tricks will help you to get SEEN by these very people + maybe even recruited by them πŸ‘€

Those people who show up online and make a mark for themselves are the people who end up attracting opportunities and getting what they want. I want YOU to be one of those people who takes control of their personal brand, so below are my best LinkedIn profile tips πŸ”₯

8 tips to make your LinkedIn profile stand out

1. Customise your LinkedIn URL 

You’re not stuck with the URL LinkedIn creates for you (goodbye: //-27fs-). The first step of your LinkedIn strategy should be to customise that URL so it accurately represents who YOU are. 

I recommend including your name, for example, Or, because we’re boss ladies over here, take it that one step further and include your industry or job title too ( This shows off who you are and what you do, so even before your profile has loaded (curse you, slow internet), people gain a sense of you. BAM, it’s that easy!!

2. Include LinkedIn profile links

You want to give people options so they don’t feel stuck on your LinkedIn profile (even though it’s looking BADASS πŸ”₯). If a recruiter is wanting to get to know you, why not make it as easy as possible for them to get all of the information they need? 

Including links to your website (if you have one), professional IG, or even your current employer’s team page (with you on it, of course), gives recruiters the option to learn even MORE about you. Stalking? Maybe, but you’re impressive so it’s natural they’re going to want to fully check you out 😏

3. Link rich media to your LinkedIn profile 

Make sure you include links to rich media in your LinkedIn profile. This could be anything from articles about you to documents you’ve written, videos, PDFs, and more. This SHOWS the epic work you’ve done in the past or are working towards now (a BIG βœ… to a recruiter).

4. LinkedIn recommendations, baby!

Another LinkedIn hack to make you look more credible is to have and give LinkedIn recommendations. A LinkedIn profile with 3 or more reviews is 3x more likely to be shown to recruiters who are searching for candidates! So, my challenge to you is - once a day for the next 15 days, give one ✨ glowing ✨ recommendation for a past colleague touching on what specifically you enjoyed about working with them and what they excelled at - make it nice AF. Then, flick them a message saying something like:

“No pressure at all, but if you did feel compelled to return the favour, I’d really appreciate you focussing on our time on project X where I really had to demonstrate skills in Y & Z. I’m trying to build my personal brand up in these specific areas so it would be a big help!” ⁠

It’s all about a little give and take πŸ‘

5. Accomplishments - show them off on LinkedIn

You’ve worked HARD to get where you are, so show yourself off in the accomplishments section of your LinkedIn profile. Include any honours and awards, projects, courses, certifications, scholarships, languages learnt, and/or published work. When you sit down to fill this section out, odds are you’ve probably done more than you think. Prepare to impress yourself!! πŸ₯° If you think you could squeeze more in, do some online courses (LinkedIn provides some great ones) to add to this section.

6. Shout about your volunteer work

You’re a great and helpful person. I know it, you know it, so LET THE WORLD KNOW. Fill out the volunteer section on your LinkedIn profile with anything you’ve done. Think you can skip this step? πŸ’­ THINK AGAIN! 41% of hiring managers rank volunteer work just as highly as paid work, so get typing πŸ“²

7. LinkedIn groups - it’s all about networking

By now, we all know that LinkedIn is alllll about networking πŸ‘―‍♀️ - so do it! Take some time to join LinkedIn groups that align with your expertise and interests. Once you’ve joined, be active in these LinkedIn communities by posting, commenting, liking, sharing, and supporting! I mean, isn’t that what networking is all about? This will show recruiters that you’re engaged in your field and have deeply rooted interests in your industry and job.

8. Write a capstone article on LinkedIn

Want to be recognised as an authority in your field? Duh, who doesn’t!? 🀷‍♀️

Create a thought leadership piece - a capstone article to live on your optimised LinkedIn profile. You could write about your opinion on an industry trend, a project you’ve been working on, or tips on something you’re experienced in - just ensure it’s professionally relevant. Another hot tip is to make sure it’s easy to read, has bullet points, hyperlinks, images, and a click-worthy title.

That’s it! Make the most out of your LinkedIn profile with these tips and STAND OUT πŸ’₯ 

Now that your LinkedIn profile is optimised, are you ready to make it certified badass? ⚑️⚑️⚑️ Check out my full-length video where I go into extra juicy LinkedIn profile tips, or download my FREE Next Level LinkedIn checklist!

Stay badass,

Rosie x

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While your boss isn’t looking…
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While your boss isn’t looking…
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