My Career Took Me To Paris: How Career Clarity Can Change Your ENTIRE Life

Nov 28, 2019
Career clarity

I don’t say this lightly: Finding the right career FOR YOU can change your entire life.

From VERY humble beginnings in small-town New Zealand, somehow, I ended up turning my life upside down, getting my Masters degree in International Human Resource Management in Paris and working for insane companies like L’Oréal and LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy Group), as well as Tech startups and consulting groups.

I was given responsibility early on in my career and soon enough I was developing mobile apps, trainings and other HR solutions for a scope of 10,000 employees around the world! ⁠

OH and I picked up a wonderful French hubby along the way ❤️🐸 oui oui⁠

How did this happen when I had no connections, very few resources, and was just so...normal? ⁠

In my first year of university, I had NO IDEA what to do. Desperate, I went to see a career coach. She identified the best possible career paths for people with my personality type, values, and interests: HR Professional, Coach or Psychologist. ⁠

I started studying HR and Psychology and EVERYTHING 👏 JUST 👏 CLICKED⁠

I landed a part-time job in Recruitment while I studied, got into a top graduate programme after uni, and the rest is history. ⁠Every decision I made was guided by all the information I had about the best kinds of roles and work environments for me.

When things come naturally to you, you play to your STRENGTHS and find it FUN, so you get good at it pretty damn fast. Your passion and energy shine through.⁠ Of course, that’s when you start to get shoulder-tapped for amazing opportunities, making you even MORE passionate about your work.

In addition, when you know WHAT YOU WANT, you can get laser-focussed and identify amazing opportunities suited to you. Or, even better, they come to you directly because other people know what you want out of your career and you’re top of mind for them when something exciting pops up. ⁠

Basically, when you find your thing, you will stand out just by doing what you do best. It's pretty 🔥.⁠

What about you? Have you found your thing? If so, what impact did it have on your career?

Stay badass,

Rosie x

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While your boss isn’t looking…
Wanna come back and hang out?

While your boss isn’t looking…
Wanna come back and hang out?