How to get more profile views on LinkedIn | My top LinkedIn profile tips

Sep 29, 2022
LinkedIn profile tips

LinkedIn is one of the most underutilised tools when it comes to your job search and career. 

It’s so important to be proactive on LinkedIn because 80% of jobs are never even advertised online, so using LinkedIn and networking is such a strategic lever to tap into the hidden job market.

For that very reason, in this blog, I am going to jump into how you can start posting and showing up on LinkedIn, how you can engage with influencers and thought leaders in your target companies and your target industries, and also build real relationships with them in a super authentic way. Honestly, it's a game changer when it comes to landing your dream job. 

A little bit about LinkedIn

So, before we dive into how to get more profile views on LinkedIn, let me teach you a little bit about this epic platform. Firstly, there are over 850 million users on the platform of which 180 million senior-level influencers and a further 63 million are in decision-making positions. Something that not many people know about LinkedIn is that it's got super high domain search authority, which basically means when you type your name into Google, one of the top three results is usually your LinkedIn profile. It has a lot of authority in the search rankings when you're Googling yourself or Googling other people. 

What this means is that it's effectively free personal branding. If you think about it, you have an opportunity. It's almost like having a Google Ad at the top of Google right where you can have your name, your headline, and send a message of all the things that you want people to know about you - and a lot of us just aren't doing it. 

The results I’ve generated from my LinkedIn profile

I discovered the power of LinkedIn back in 2016 when I wrote my very first article on the platform. I was in my corporate role at a Fortune 500 company and I had just delivered a huge project, which was building out a mobile application for the company. I wrote an article about my experience, and about the app itself. So yeah, it was a πŸ”₯ topic. It was a world-first mobile app for L'Oreal which was something that people were interested in. 

Just by posting that one article, it kind of blew up. It had over 28,000 views. I was contacted by recruiters for job interviews, I was contacted by several speaking gigs and invited to speak at several international conferences. I actually accepted an invitation and took my manager with me at the time to London to speak at one of the world's biggest HR conferences. It was insane, but because I didn't really know what to do with the platform and I didn't realise how to really leverage it and make the most of it, I ghosted it for a couple of years and I didn't touch LinkedIn. All the while people were clicking and commenting on my article and my followers went up from 300 to around 2,000! Just by having this small taste, I found the power of LinkedIn. 

Since then, I've been working with my coaching clients on showing up on LinkedIn and the benefits have been insane! Yes, they have recruiters reaching out to them. Yes, they've been invited to job interviews, but they've also been asked to be guests on podcasts or co-host webinars, which offers huge brand visibility. They've also found amazing mentors in their target companies and they've even been asked to become mentors themselves. So all of this is to say that by showing on LinkedIn, you can tap into some pretty insane opportunities.

4 tips for posting on LinkedIn

Let's jump into my top tips when it comes to posting on LinkedIn including how to post, what type of content you should post, and all of that good stuff. My clients have seen up to +1,000% views coming in on their profiles every single month using these tips! So, without further ado, let's jump into my tips for posting on LinkedIn and getting a slice of this kind of success. 

Tip #1 for posting on LinkedIn: Show up consistently

Tip number one: it's all about showing up consistently to get a slice of that content pie. This comes back to the fact that LinkedIn is still an incredibly generous algorithm which means when you post you have the ability to achieve reach and visibility. For example, you have probably noticed on LinkedIn that if someone comments on your posts, your entire network sees it. Likewise in your feed, you'll see people in your network commenting on other people's posts, meaning their stuff is showing up on your feed. What you need to know about LinkedIn is that there are over 9 billion content impressions in the feed every single week, but only 3 million people on the platform are consistently creating content on at least a weekly basis, which means 3 million people have the visibility and the possibility to tap into it’s 9 billion impressions! Essentially, only 1% of users sharing regular content is such a huge opportunity for you to jump in and get a slice of that pie πŸ₯§

Therefore, the most important thing you can do on LinkedIn is show up regularly and consistently. You can do this by writing posts, sharing things, commenting on other people's topics, and overall interacting with the platform. At the end of the day, social media is designed to be just that - social. That’s why LinkedIn’s algorithm will reward profiles who are interacting with other profiles and building relationships. As I said before, it's essentially free personal branding. So it’s important to evaluate whether your activity on this platform is reflecting how passionate, engaged, and authentic you are. For example:

  • Are you showcasing the work that you've done with others? 
  • Are you teaching people something? 
  • Are you sharing your knowledge base? 
  • Are you learning new things and sharing them as tips on your profile? 
  • Are you engaged in your target industry and niche? 
  • Are you engaging with people in that area? 
  • Are you in the groups of that area? 
  • Are you eager to learn? 
  • Are you following the influencers and thought leaders in your industry? 

Think about it - you have the power to shape how you are perceived. You have the power to shape your personal brand. It all comes back to being consistent - algorithms behind social media love consistency. It could be once a week or it could be once every two weeks - all that matters is that you're showing up consistently. It just takes the right person to see your content and the opportunities are literally endless! 

Tip #2 for posting on LinkedIn: Be authentic

Tip number two for showing up on LinkedIn and getting all of the visibility that you deserve is to simply be authentic, as cheesy as it is. It's about being yourself because people are over having to wear a mask and be really stiff and professional on this platform. Those days are gone and people want authenticity, they want stories, they want behind the scenes, they want you to show them a day in the life. So no, LinkedIn doesn't have to be all about complex spreadsheets and business plans and that kind of thing. You can let your personality shine - you can show glimpses of your private life, if you feel comfortable. Think about what you would talk about to your work BFF - this is the kind of conversation that you can start on LinkedIn. 

Tip #3 for posting on LinkedIn: Add value

Tip number three is that I want you to be adding value to the platform. Although, this should be done in a way that adds your unique flavour, your thoughts, your perceptions, and your opinion. For example, if you're commenting on people's content, always look to add value in your comments. I don't want to just see a “thanks great share” or “nice work” - that doesn't attract visibility, that doesn't start a conversation, and that doesn't really get people clicking on your profile. 

Instead, what you want to do is make sure that you add a really perceptive and thoughtful comment. That’s why I'd rather you add one really thought-out comment per day, than five random, quick comments per day. Likewise, if you're sharing an article that's already been written or someone else's link, what I want you to do is post in that area and comment on it or share your perspective. Maybe you can summarise the article for your audience. Maybe you can add your opinion or a related story. Essentially, do anything that allows you to stand out. What you'll discover is that when you find these people in your target industry or company and you're showing up consistently and you're engaging with their content, relationships start to be formed. 

You can even start adding value by leaving links that might interest them as you get to know them and their content, or connecting them with another person in your network who they may find useful to speak to. There are so many ways that you can start to build real relationships and add value to people. It just comes down to adding value and not being generic. Every share and every post you write is an opportunity to position yourself as an up-and-coming thought leader. It's also a great chance to show off your leadership skills and boost others up by sharing lots of compliments and good positive vibes on the platform. 

Tip #4 for posting on LinkedIn: Understand the LinkedIn algorithm

Tip number four is to understand what makes the LinkedIn algorithm tick. This means understanding how to structure your content and how to post the kind of content that's going to generate discussion. The best way you can learn about this is by following people you look up to - role models and thought leaders, and see how they do it, engage with their staff, and you'll get a feel for the style. Of course, when you're posting you can look at the insights to see what worked and what didn't. From there, it’s a matter of tweaking it and doubling down on what works. There's a lot of testing and learning involved. 

However, I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve so I’m going to share a few shortcuts for you on what works when it comes to posting content on LinkedIn. When it comes to a post, you must nail the hook above the fold of the caption. You need to have a compelling title, for example, ‘three things I learned about my HR graduate programme’. It’s also important that you structure your post so it's got nice spacing and lots of white space in between so that it's easy for the eye to read. You can use emojis and bullet points strategically to ensure it's readable and easy for people to skim. At the end of your post, it always makes sense to ask a question - even if it's as simple as ‘do you agree?’ or ‘tell me your opinion’ or ‘share your perspective down below’. Asking a powerful question works well because you want to engage people - you want them to like and comment on your post. Whenever they comment, you want to comment right back because that's a great way to nurture the post and get it seen by even more people. 

There you have it - my top LinkedIn profile tips to get more profile views! I mentioned above that LinkedIn is an extension of your personal brand. Now, do you know what a personal brand is, or want to craft one for yourself? I can help you there too! Catch my FREE personal branding masterclass, Dream Job Magnet, where I teach you how to power up your personal brand to attract multiple job offers. You don’t want to miss it!

Stay Badass,
Rosie x

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